Equipping Cross-cultural Servants

My job with Wycliffe Bible Translators is to serve as an anthropology consultant providing consulting services and training to translation workers around the world. Right now, I am teaching courses at Dallas International University. DIU is the premier center in the United States for the training of Wycliffe personnel. DIU graduates serve as Bible translators, Scripture engagement specialists, literacy workers, language preservation specialists, and in other cross-cultural ministries.

My students and I in a virtual class session at Dallas International University
My students and I in a virtual class session at Dallas International University

DIU seeks to make training available to everyone who wants to prepare for cross-cultural service, no matter where they live. Classes are held both on-campus and remotely via video conferencing. This semester, two of my students attend class on campus while the others live in three different cities in two states and attend classes virtually. They come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a range of experiences to our virtual class-room. Two of them have served or are currently serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators or SIL International, one of Wycliffe’s partner organizations. They have come to DIU to increase their effectiveness or to train for new types of service. Another of my students teaches English to recent immigrants to the United States, and another is working on his bachelor’s degree so that he will be prepared for whatever future cross-cultural ministry God calls him to.

As an anthropology consultant for Wycliffe, it is my privilege to collaborate with Dallas International University to train current and future Christian cross-cultural workers for service to the Church around the world through Bible translation and other related ministries. Thank you for partnering with my Wycliffe ministry through prayer and finances. Together, we are part of what God is doing through DIU! 

Read It Every Day

The Bible is God’s special message to humanity. It should be a vital part of every Christian’s life. One way to make it so for you is to read the Bible every day. Here’s how to get started: (1) Obtain a Bible in a modern translation,  such as the New International Version (NIV)  or the New Living Translation NLT).  (2) Set aside a time each day to read; 10-15 minutes per day is fine.  (3) Read one or two titled sections of the text. I suggest you start reading in the New Testament book of Luke, followed by the book of Acts. (4) If you miss a day’s reading, don’t fret about it. Just pick up the next day where you left off.If you are ready to try reading the Bible every day, please email me to let me know. My email is phil_troutman@wycliffe.org.

“Pray without ceasing”

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances,

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ESV).

Each month, I share with you (1) an answer to prayer so that you can rejoice with me, (2) a prayer request that you can lift up to God with me, and (3) a reason for us all to give thanks to God together. For March 2023,

1.  Rejoice with me that God has led several people to become financial partners with my Wycliffe ministry. Their monthly giving now provides 19% of my ministry budget needs.

2.  Pray with me that God has led several people to become financial partners with my Wycliffe ministry. Their monthly giving now provides 19% of my ministry budget needs.

3.  Give thanks with me that Bible translation is currently underway in 2,846 languages in 157 countries. This impacts 1.11 billion people, about 15 percent of all language users.

Wanted: Partners In Ministry

Members of Wycliffe Bible Translators are sustained spiritually and financially by our teams of ministry partners. There are two ways you can partner with me and Wycliffe Bible Translators:

First, you can become a prayer partner who commits to pray regularly for me and the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Your prayers will play a vital role in helping translation teams make God’s Word available to the 128 million people, speaking 1680 different languages, who still don’t have any part of the Bible in their language. Would you be willing to become a prayer partner with me in my Wycliffe ministry? If so, please go to wycliffe.org/partner/philtroutman and click on the “Pray and Stay Connected” button below my picture. 

Second, you can become a financial partner who commits to making regular financial contributions to Wycliffe to sustain me in my ministry. Your gifts will help make it possible for me to serve full-time as an anthropology consultant for Wycliffe translation teams and as an adjunct instructor at Dallas International University. Would you be willing to become a financial partner with my Wycliffe ministry? If so, please go to wycliffe.org/partner/philtroutman, enter an amount, and then click on “Give” to initiate your partnership. 

If you’re not yet sure what part God wants you to play in the work of Bible translation, would you pray and ask God what He would have you do? Thank you so much!

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